Beef stew

Ingredients 300g Beef 1 tbsp of butter or lard 1 Onion 2 Carrots 2 Potatoes 1 celery rib 500ml of Chicken broth or stock Salt Pepper Basil Oregano Savoury 1 tbsp of all purpose flour or corn starch Instructions Cube the beef (raw or precooked from the previous night) to a size you like, I

Simple tea biscuits

Ingredients 354ml cold milk (butter milk is preferred, we keep powdered butter milk on hand for these sorts of things 🙂 ) 1 tsp salt – do not use if using salted butter 500g general purpose flour 4 tsp white sugar 2 tbsp baking powder 12 tbsp unsalted butter (cold and cubed) – salted butter

1 hour bread

Ingredients 473 ml warm water 3 tbsp sugar (white sugar, brown sugar, molasses, maple syrup it doesn’t really matter) 1 1/2 tbsp dried yeast 1 1/2 tbsp oil (I use vegetable oil but olive oil would work as well) 750g general purpose flour Instructions Mix water and sugar then add yeast in a mixing cup