ATV transmission

This is an example of when things go snap it generally isn’t a good thing.

All that ripping and tearing to get to this little part.

Now it is time for the good news, bad news time of this little post.  Good news is that now that I have the transmission out of the bike I can clean it properly and clean up a bunch of little nagging issues.  Like the seeping leak in the fuel tank, the squeaky bushings that probably have not seen grease since 1997 (it is a 1996 bike), the loose exhaust, the loose drive chain and the rats nest of wiring under the body panels.  Now the bad.  It seems that the high range shift fork has been discontinued by Polaris and while ebay is awash in low range shift forks for this transmission it seems that the high range fork is made of unobtainium.  I have one last hope, a repair/wrecker in North Bay that I have a phone call into MAY have one, they have to check first though.  I should get a call tomorrow around lunch time to let me know the fait of this intrepid little Xplorer.