New site and ATV update

As you may have noticed we have a new website!  I have needed to do a redesign for….well…years to be honest.  I needed to give the page a more streamlined look and feel and generally clean up.  I have done tonnes of work behind the scenes trying to get things organized so that I can update far more regularly and also start to provide far more useful information here.  

I cannot count the number of times in the past few years that I have been asked for “the recipe” for whatever meal, sauce, cookie, beer, seasoning, rub, or…well you get the idea.  Sometimes I do follow a recipe, but most of the time I just wing it and while normally this does result in great food it is rather annoying when the time comes to duplicate it.  I will be doing my best to document what things I create in the kitchen and during the summer on the BBQ.  I have about a billion and a half ideas of things that I want to do here on the farm in the coming weeks, months and even years and I am hoping that you will join us on these journeys. 

Now the ATV.  I have spent the better part of two entire days calling every ATV salvage yard I can find in Canada, yes I have called from P.E.I. to Victoria looking for this shift fork and nobody has one.  The general concusses is that I need to buy a whole transmission and HOPE that it is fully functional.  I don’t really like those odds, mostly because a new (to me) transmission shipped to me is worth more than the bike is currently worth.  *sigh* I have one last place to call tomorrow and if they don’t have the part then I will reassemble the transmission without the high range and just live with only low range forward and no reverse gear.  Unfortunately I was fixing that bike up to sell it, hopefully turn enough of a profit to finance getting a different bike that was a little better suited for farm life.  Oh well these things are sent to try us and I will simply not be beaten down by little setbacks like this.