ATV brakes

I found a cheap ATV that runs and it only needs a bunch of work!  LOL!  It doesn’t have have any brakes and the electric starter is currently in my hand but it runs, shifts into and out of gear, so it is looking like a winner in my book.  I am hoping I can use this as a little run about on the farm so I can cut down on the hours that I have been logging on the tractor.  When you only have a hammer everything begins to look like a nail, am I right?  I am planning on getting a little trailer that I can put a 55 gallon water drum in with a pump of some sort that I can use to fill water troughs around the farm and maybe even water some gardens.  I am looking forward to the ability to just hop on a bike and go check on a back field or run out to the mailbox, I am getting to that age where I have to make every mile I walk count 🙂