I hate to do it, but I have to….


I, well WE didn’t get into farming to make money, we started farming because it just tastes better.  We started with the idea that we would raise chickens for meat and eggs, just for us and we would sell any excess.  That didn’t last very long because quite honestly we have awesome people in our lives that support us and believe in what we are doing.  You know who you are and we thank you from the bottom of our hearts.  The thing that I hate to do, but I simply have to do is raise our prices.  I have done the math on what it costs us to raise a chicken from day old to freezer and at $4.25 per pound we make, on average, $0.35 per pound.  Yup, that 5# chicken that you just VERY graciously paid $21.25 for we made $1.75 in profit.  I have written and edited this post at least 10 times and I always sound like I am whining and I don’t mean to.  I am trying to explain WHY we are raising our prices by $0.25 per pound on chicken and turkey.  We LOVE what we are doing here and in order for us to continue to provide high quality food to our amazing clients and friends we simply have to raise our rates.  We acquired a BUNCH of equipment this last fall and through this winter that should open up a few new revenue streams for us and help us lower our operating costs, which will help us keep our prices competitive with the food stores.