Things are constantly evolving

Things change and things stay the same.  I got the Polaris ATV all put back together and running GREAT, so it was time to sell it LOL!  I really enjoyed having that bike it was a real god send here on the farm.  I never really realized how much I would use it until I had it.  I never did get stuck with the Polaris but I did come close a few times, so I decided that I needed a 4×4.  Enter the new (to us) atv, a eight year newer Arctic Cat 400 4×4.  A bigger engine and two more driving wheels and WAY MORE complicated if/when it breaks. 

The chickens are feeling these colder nights now and they are slowing right down in the egg department.  Where I was at 10 eggs a day we are now down to 4 or 6 eggs.  I really can’t wait for the spring when I get other coop filled up with birds and we can establish a proper rotation.

I also took my firearms safety course because it really was long over due.  The course was really well done and informative.  I do wish that it was a bit more in depth but I am the kind of guy that always wants more information.